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Iranian Businessmen Looking for New Investments in Erzurum

Iranian Businessmen Looking for New Investments in Erzurum
10 September 2015

A group of Iranian Businessmen ,who came from Erdebil city of Iran, visited CEO of The chamber of commerce and Industry Lütfi Yücelik

Iranian Businessmen met with Lütfi Yücelik and The members of Erzurum’s Chamber of commerce .The businessmen “ Their aim for visiting Erzurum is to explore new  opportunities for investment at the top is  construction sector .Due to the shrinkage of construction sector in Iran they want to discover new places for investing and also their first choice is going to be Erzurum. ETSO is going to be their guide.

Chairman of Erzurum‘s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lütfi Yücelik “ Indicate that we are ready to cooperate with you and Construction sector is the most dynamic sector in Erzurum , especially Erzurum is one of the best place to provide  construction materials .Mr.Yücelik adviced the businessmen other opportunities as well in Erzurum such as , tourism is one of them

In the meeting The Iranian Businessmen invited a gruop of Businessmen from Erzurum with the lead of Mr.Yücelik and also The Iranian Businessmen stated that they come to Erzurum once again with a more crowded group.

After the meeting the Gruop presented a Picture as a gift to Mr. Yücelik which “besmele” was written on. The chirman Yücelik also gifted to the Businessmen famous  oltutaş rosary.


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